Raiden fighters jet mame updating

If you can help out by buying/loaning some of them to us, speak up! Aqua Jack (for a redump) Raiden Fighters Jet (Seibu/Tuning, 1998) and two thanks to Dangspot....Libero Grande (Namco 1997, System12) Vandyke (Jaleco, 1991) Received a HUGE box today. Puzzle Club (Yun Sung, 2000) Twin Brats (Elettronica Video-Games S. L, 1995) Super Lup Lup Puzzle Ping Pong Masters '93 (Electronic Devices, 1993) Explosive Breaker (Kaneko, 1992) Twins Pop Bingo (Dooyong, 1996) Hot Bubble (Afega) Born To Fight Gun Ball (Data East, 1992) BC Story (Semicom, 1997) Funny Strip (Microhard) Mighty Warriors (Elettronica Video-Games S. L ) Special thanks to Reip, F205v and the good boys at the Italian Forum :-) Finally got the next package from Japan. Mobile Suit Gundam Federation VS Zeon (Capcom, 2001) Mobile Suit Gundam Federation VS Jion DX (Capcom, 2001) Initial-D Arcade Stage (Sega, 2002) Virtua Striker 3, (Sega, 2001) Virtua Fighter 4 (Sega, 2001) Some G-Net carts....For organic materials, the comparison is between the current ratio of a radioactive isotope to a stable isotope of the same element and the known ratio of the two isotopes in living organisms.For example, most people don't realize that carbon dating is only rarely used on rocks. Solar Warrior (Memetron, 1987, for 68705 trojaning) 2x Pro Golf (Data East, 198x, has some sort of custom CPU/epoxy block on it :-( Jaleco Trivia (198? Looks like a version of Trivia Master by 'Enerdyne Technologies', but it's running on a Jaleco Naughty Boy PCB?? Unfortunately there are missing ROMs so it's mostly useless :( These were purchased by Randy on EBay a few months ago IIRC as mostly unknown stuff that went fairly cheaply.One of the other DEVs will be accepting all the discrete boards we pick up from now on. In other news, a few days ago I got hold of and dumped another Night Slashers PCB which turned out to be a different version (Japan version). hehehe, 'unearthed' might give you a false impression. I've added a link to the left column listing all the known FD1094's and which ones we have.MAME holds all of it's game information internally in XML format.This can be extracted from the executable to be read or organised by any means you see fit.

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