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"Whereas, there have been studies for the past 40 years on implicit bias, which connotes that everyone has some sort of implicit bias.""I can't isolate all the variables, because I also did change my profile picture, but I just know that I got hit up a whole lot more than I had in the past and by guys who hadn't responded to me in the past," Larry told Larry said many of his friends have stories far worse than his.

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” - Though the titles in the latter cases are usually a bit more inquisitive, there remains a not so subtle “you” highlighting to whom the piece is directed.

If only racist white people could be shown how they were racist–again, and again, and again–they would stop, the story goes. I have been told that I must think white people are stupid because I have such low expectations for them, but that is actually the opposite of the truth.

I give white people far more credit than what my critics seem willing to give, because I come into conversations with the assumption that they are at least as aware of their own cognitive processes as I am.

And, being constantly subjected to the unrelenting but baseless message that sex and love are some oddly sacred practice untainted by social conditioning, excuses are easiest when it comes to anything dealing with them.

Fact 1: I knew that I had issues with fat people long before I admitted that’s why I didn’t want to date them.

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