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Okay, Boris Diaw picked up De Andre Jordan and it's just embarrassing for both of them. Wow, Raymond Felton is the healthiest fat guy ever. There are always things to worry about, and pay attention to, and criticize.

That times 90 possessions a game, times six games . R: The playoffs are definitely exhausting (unless you're a fan of one of the superteams dominating the NBA at any given time).

Today, our first ever non-Clips Nation guest is Jared Mintz, who previously worked for ESPN and contributed to SB Nation and Fan Sided, and now writes for Fan Rag Sports.

While he isn’t a Clippers fan, he writes about them regularly and knows his basketball as well as anyone.

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A: Are we discounting the Utah Jazz triumphant return to the playoffs, and ensuing sweep at the hands of the San Antonio Spurs, in 2012? The playoffs suck because you can only enjoy a) blowout wins, b) games your team isn't playing in. Hmmm, how different would things be if Dante Exum was defending right now? It's impossible to not do those things, especially in a series as tight as this Clippers-Jazz battle has been.If they do, they are certainly the worst team in the league at holding onto said momentum.Traditionally, Clip Chat has just been two Clips Nation guys riffing on the Clippers, but we’ve decided to try to shake it up a little and bring in some outside voices.this team just keeps catching the wrong kind of breaks.At first I thought there was a silver lining in this, that the Clippers could fall to the 6th or 7th seed and secure a first round series with the Spurs, where they have (in my opinion) a huge matchup advantage.

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