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When Emma and her single father move to a new town, she thinks all she'll have to deal with is making new friends - until she starts developing strange powers and discovers she's part of a magical world, full of witches, Guardians and Kanays.

Over time Emma learns to control her powers and finds out that she is the Chosen One (the most powerful witch ever born).

In addition, she discovers that the school's evil principal wants to steal the Chosen One's powers.

When Caitlyn, the most popular girl in school, mistakes new kid Davis for a vampire, he gains instant celebrity status.

Davis enlists the help of his next-door neighbor, Vi, to dial up his vampire act. After being uprooted from New York to New Orleans, the Hathaways were ready to just get back to their normal lives in their new home, but little did they know that a family of ghosts had the same idea.

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