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The top cabinets are composed of small cubes in various colors placed asymmetrically.

These small cubes hold kitchen accessories, and serve the double function of storage and decoration.

No combination of books and websites lists all of them. Honestly, most of the radios sold over those decades are not very interesting.

Most antique radio websites, including this one, list radios that the webmaster happens to own.

The combination of concrete walls and ceiling with granite floors reminds us of the original era of this apartment.

There are many details in its décor that tell its story.

Every manufacturer was free to make up its own scheme, and often a given manufacturer would change its numbering scheme over the years.I hope you find it interesting and that you will let me know of any errors and useful information to add.Note that this page relates mainly to valve (or tube) radios, if you have a transistor radio it would have been made after 1954, but much more likely to be after 1960.Some of these include retro corded phones and vintage radios.In the kitchen, colorful and striking furniture in a very retro style complete the space.

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