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We believe that Leo Fender & Freddy Tavares designed & built some of the greatest amplifiers of all time.

Their designs served as cornerstones; starting points for generations of amp builders such as Marshall, Mesa Boogie & Dumble to name just a few.

Why is this my favourite way to spend a Friday night? Spending Friday night in my favourite way: reorganizing Tone Henge™ to incorporate the new Vibro Champ.

Because I am a single loser and my only friends are my guitars and amps! Why is this my favourite way to spend a Friday night? 😄😅😆 #guitar #guitars #amps #amplifiers #vintageguitars #vintageamps #fender #fenderamps #vibrolux #reverb #deluxereverb #champ #vibrochamp #tweed #blackface #gibson #fenderguitars #gibsonguitars #tonehenge #guitarphotography #ampphotography There's snow on the ground this morning for the first time this year, so here is a 1965 #Gibson #SG Special in frosty #Polaris White. #Gib Monday #gibsonguitars #vintageguitars #vintagegibsons #gibsonsg #sgspecial #fenderamps #vintageamps ...

I quit that about 3yrs ago..I use the 'nitro nuclear suit' and supplied air, In the wood shop I wear a full dual cartridge face mask rated for V. C.(95)(paint pestiside rated ) --all the timeair borne wood dust is bad for humansalso I am experimenting with waterbased finishes , I am hoping to spray very little nitro ....mostly for old gibson restorations etc RE: tranny toaster,,ya I kinda moved away from 'power soaks and hot plate' they tend to reduce your amps dynamics -IF I use one it is only on one click---4db cut-thats it I popped my marshall with a hot plate years ago......I had the amp dimed and the hotplate on -20db ---after 20mins ------pop no amp---it was fixed no tranny needed---won't do that again So, I play a digital piano and never got an amp. Sometimes I'll plug in an Ibanez tube screamer for just a 'lil "dirt"...closest you'll come to real tube distortion in a pedal... I paid 0 for mine 'bout a year and a half ago..knows..may become as coveted as the old Garnets..thing's for sure..blows away them new all tube Ampegs...I don't think I'd touch that new all tube Eden with a ten foot pole! I can almost make it sound like a dirty ole fender rhodes with that box.... Hey dudes ,awesome to see this thread happening again.....really is the good stuff RE: nitro finishing, I paint guitars for a living,it is a pain in the asssss to get all the gear and setup to do it right ---to paint one or two guitars is not worth it when you actually figure out materials and 'actually hours spent' ---trust me on this onein most cases it is cheaper to hire a pro RE: Traynors -love them, I have 2 yba-1 with the bigger trannies(late 60's before the silver bumper cases)and a 1976 mark 3 ----try using a variac on them---NICERE: humbucker and 2 single coils-my favorite setup-very versitile with the right pickup combinationwith a push/pull pot on the bridge humbucker to go from series to parallel RE: 500 k pots I usually just use my ears - if I want it a bit brighter I go 500k or 1meg250k 'warms it up a bit'I have a hvlp with a compressor,but not turbine driven,that would be cool but it costs moocho money I have a makeshift sealed rubber suit with a 5"x8" vision visor hood made of plexiglass I wear a 3m full face mask with supplied air from a tube.... From the 6 watt Champ to the 100 watt Twin Reverb and featuring many different speaker configurations, there is a vintage Fener to perfectly suit your particular playing style and situation.As a major bonus, most silverface Fenders can easily be converted to the blackface circuits of their older siblings (at a fraction of the cost)!

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