Bogue dating

With a vision to bring something new and lucrative to the town he loves, his life-long dream will finally come true.Distillation is the ancient art and science of vaporizing liquid to extract its purest form.

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Brendan met @Spencer Matthews, @Vogue Williams' "friend" over on FB live.You know the one that sees celebrities partake in dangerous snow sports and has become synonymous with serious injuries? The two reality show alums befriended one another and the rumour mill went into overdrive that they were “more than friends”. Vogue Williams was later forced to depart the show when she sustained an injury during training.Around this time, the show appeared to confirm that there was something more to Vogue and Spencer’s “friendship”.But now they’ve made things tabloid-officials and it looks as though they’re more than happy to ride this publicity wave.Let’s do a blow-by-blow account of how we got here, shall we?

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